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“Why Americans Hate Economics”

The WSJ runs an article criticizing the recent inane economic views espoused by the White House regarding unemployment insurance. The author was incited by Laura Meckler’s question to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney regarding unemployment insurance. The story has … Continue reading

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Fannie Mae’s Q2 Results: $5.17 billion loss, or $14.40 per American citizen

Fannie’s Q2 8k is available here, with a loss of $5.175 billion for the second quarter. Because the US Treasury holds senior preferred stock in FNMA, they are eligible to receive dividend payments. In the second quarter, these payments amounted … Continue reading

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Bankrupt Central Falls, RI, a “City with a Bright Future”

Bloomburg summarizes the bankruptcy filing of Central Falls, Rhode Island following the the failure of local law enforcement, firefighters, and city retirees to accept retirement benefit concessions. It marks the fifth such municipal bankruptcy this year. The city’s website still … Continue reading

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