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News Breaks: Apples are in fact not Oranges

The BBC runs an article noting that the US Treasury, as of July 27, 2011, possesses less cash than Apple. The Treasury’s financial statement ended that date is available on their website, with an ending cash total of $73,768M. The … Continue reading

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USPS Retail Closings Usher in New Opportunity for Private Sector

The USPS’ unsustainable performance has created a new opportunity for the private sector. Following the announced shuttering of over 3600 retail postal office locations throughout the United States, businesses are looking into filling the need for smaller-scale access to postal … Continue reading

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Cantor’s Hedge

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Beat runs this article revealing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s $15,000 in ProShares’ 2x Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF. Here’s a link to this ETF on Google Finance. TBT is designed to be a short term … Continue reading

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FASB GAAP vs. GASB GAAP (in the news, even!)

Rarely does accounting treatment make headlines, but Emil Henry’s “America’s Debt Ceiling Opportunity” provides some interesting commentary on a topic that hasn’t received much public attention during the current debt ceiling maelstrom.  The article advocates FASB GAAP be applied to … Continue reading

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Welcome Co-Contributor, EconLib

Please welcome “EconLib,” a PhD economist and friend, to un-accountable. Many of my formative, light-bulb inducing moments occurred in his classes on economics, political economy, and ethics during my undergraduate years. His discussion of the Beatles’ “Imagine” is the first … Continue reading

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