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Unfunded State Pension Liabilities Top $1.26 Trillion

From Bloomberg. The article blames the market’s performance in 2008 / early 2009 for the collapse in pension funds, citing a 19% fall in the median state fund’s value during 2009. However, lacking is a discussion of generous benefits promised … Continue reading

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A Financial Atom Bomb

Link regarding the recent credit watch warning on US government debt.

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United States Postal Service: 2010 Audited Financials

USPS’ 2010 financial statements are available here. The agency reported an operating loss of $8,500,000,000. However, the entity is proud of its new product offerings, such as full color stamps, highlighted in its letter to stakeholders (we all have the … Continue reading

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FHA Mortgage Squeeze An excellent article on the effects of an upcoming change in jumbo mortgage criteria.

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A National Audit Failure: The Historical Indian Accounting Project

The rectification of injustices committed by individuals who are no longer living present significant ethical and political problems for individuals living today. Our justice system and market economy are not well suited for identification of those living individuals who should … Continue reading

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