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USPS Retail Closings Usher in New Opportunity for Private Sector

The USPS’ unsustainable performance has created a new opportunity for the private sector. Following the announced shuttering of over 3600 retail postal office locations throughout the United States, businesses are looking into filling the need for smaller-scale access to postal … Continue reading

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USPS gets more press: “Collapse is Imminent”

From here. The article notes that our system is “ubiquitous, relied on, and headed off a cliff.” 80% of the organization’s expenses are marked for salaries and benefits, compared to 43% at FedEx. An interesting point in the article comes … Continue reading

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United States Postal Service: 2010 Audited Financials

USPS’ 2010 financial statements are available here. The agency reported an operating loss of $8,500,000,000. However, the entity is proud of its new product offerings, such as full color stamps, highlighted in its letter to stakeholders (we all have the … Continue reading

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